These last few months since my launch have been hectic and exciting. Thank you all SO much for your continued support!

I've created new designs and found new styles that seem to be going over VERY well. Within 3 days of launching the men's shattered heart moto jacket I was sold out. Later that same week when I launched women's full length burn out t shirts I sold out over night! It truly means the world to me to have so much support from all of you. 

I've started carrying some women's styles in XL per popular demand and I'll also be launching more contemporary styles for both men and women. My goal is to create a brand that you feel not only speaks to your mindset, but your body as well. I want you to feel comfortable and confident wearing Positively EVOL in the gym or out with family and friends. 

I've upgraded my clothing to become a better brand. The new garments I've chosen are premium cotton and/or washes so they're a higher quality and a higher cost for me-but I want to ensure that the apparel is stylish and versatile. I've been collaborating with my graphic designer, Mark Palmer, to help me to refine my ideas for a bolder graphic and concept beyond just words or a phrase. 

I'll be launching a contest very soon and I'm sure I'll be offering another discount code or sale soon as well. I always do my best to follow trends and the requests you all post and send in because none of this would be possible without you. Thank you!

Chanel Jansen